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Storyboard Template

Requirements: printer, PDF viewer
Summary: A blank storyboard template. Print off as many as you need (on "US Letter" or A4 paper) and start planning that scene, flash animation, short film, etc.
Download: 16:9 storyboard_template_16x9.pdf, 4:3 storyboard_template_4x3.pdf

Storyboarding is a essential if you need to plan visual events that need to occur over time. Storyboards are often used in advertising, filmmaking, and animation.

I couldn't find a blank storyboard template online that I liked, so I made my own.

There are two versions. One with boxes in a 4:3 ratio (for TV, computer) and the other in 16:9 (for film).

The file is a PDF which should fit on both US Letter and A4 paper sizes. (You'll need a PDF viewer to print the file.)

And, there is no text, or annoying credits that get printed out with the template – it's completely blank.




(The old version [4:3 ratio] is still available if you're looking for it. storyboard_template.pdf)

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me

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