About Xinsight

Xinsight (pronounced [zin-site]) is a network consulting firm. That means that smaller projects might only require myself, but I can tap into an international network of researchers to quickly build a team to handle larger projects.


Jason Moore

I started Xinsight in 2003 to fill a need I saw in the marketplace: to efficiently bring customer insight early into the design process. My background is in philosophy and programming. As I found the most interesting problems in programming related to people and the use of technology, I moved into usability, interface design, and eventually obtained a master's degree in IT Product Design at the Mads Clausen Institute for Product Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark.

I have worked extensively in the medical field, and have organized and conducted studies in Canada, the United States, Denmark, Germany, China and Japan. I use video to capture customer's stories and the richness of the environment where products are used. I then use this video in workshops with design teams to collectively analyze and interpret it. I don't believe in writing reports that just sit on shelves, or dictating to design teams as to what they should build. I prefer to play the role of the Socratic mid-wife by bringing customer's stories and experiences into the design process, and helping design teams give birth to wonderful new products.

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