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A fun way to learn Swedish

• Have fun with the basics

Nine lessons cover the basics such as numbers, pronunciation, money and food. You'll soak up a bit of Swedish culture and even a bit of grammar.

Lessons: The Basics

• Take it to go

Filled with 600+ quality audio files, there is never a need for a network connection. You can listen and learn on the subway or even on a flight to Sweden!

Swedish speech bubble

• Easy on the ears

Your guide is GoSwedish who makes learning Swedish friendly and fun. You can get a sense of her style from one of her videos on YouTube...

birds chirping


✓ Over 600 sound clips
✓ Available for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android
✓ Intuitive interface (swipe your finger to change cards)
✓ Quiz and Ear Training modes
✓ Autoplay mode for hands-free operation.
✓ Search all words and phrases


We've been lucky to get some wonderful reviews...

"My fiancé is Swedish and this app has made it very easy for me to hold a basic conversation with his family. I recommend this app to everyone who wants to learn Swedish!!"
– US iTunes Reviewer

"The perfect app, I wish all apps were this polished."
– UK iTunes Reviewer

"Tack for this app. I love it, and your voice sounds amazing! :)"
– CA iTunes Reviewer

"Very clear and precise. Friendly and inviting. Teaches basics and grammar, most language apps don't include grammar which is the glue holding a language together proper. This is a great app!"
– US iTunes Reviewer


Fixed a small bug that prevented the audio from playing in the ear training section. (That section is pretty hard without audio!) Sorry about that.

Downloadable lessons! We have two new lessons available, but more importantly we now have a great system for being able easily add more lessons in the future.

GoSwedish for Android™ is now available in the Android Market! Now all you 'droid fans can have GoSwedish in your pocket wherever you go.