Various useful tools that I've created are available below.

No Flyers Sign
A non-ugly sign you can print to stop junk mail.
Storyboard Template
A blank storyboard template (for printing on Letter or A4 paper) to help you communicate and organize visual thoughts.
iPhone Storyboard Template
A storyboard template for all those iPhone developers.
wload - a multi-threaded load tester
There are many web server load testers -- each one designed to solve a specific problem. My problem was that I wasn't able to see if the webserver was handling all requests in a similiar amount of time. So, I wrote wload that would show you how the webserver was handling the load. wload is a multi-threaded curses-based program written for Linux in c that shows real-time statistics for each tread that is hitting the webserver.

iphone apps

Deutsch Meister App Icon

Deutsch Meister

Build up your German!

Self-Hypnosis App Icon


Helping you to visualize and realize your goals.

BigNames App Icon


An extra-large, easy-to-read contact list.

Cosmos Timer App Icon

Cosmos Timer

Create short, medium and long-term timers.

GoSwedish App Icon


A friendly introduction to Swedish.

Happiness Application Icon


A Guided Meditation