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24 Jan 2012

This is an update on an old tip originally documented way back in 2009. Instead of sending people complicated instructions on how to redeem promo codes (copy the promo code to to clipboard, open the app, go to the Featured tab, scroll down, etc.) just send a link and ask them to open it on their iOS device.

The original tip used the “phobos” urls that are starting to look ancient and I’m not confident how long they will continue to work. I just tried substituting the URL that is used when you send an app as a gift and sure enough, it works fine.

The URL format is:

Where #CODE# should be replaced with your 12 character long code. (Copy this link if the above URL is too long.)


If you’re toying with the idea of moving to #Appsterdam, my latest app is a good way to tune your ear to the Dutch language. Available for iOS and Android.

Older: Locations App - iOS source code for sale

Newer: Mobile Site Breakdown -

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