Locations App

The fastest way to build an iOS app with your location data.

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Use the Source

Well-designed, peer-reviewed code. Contains a full Xcode project which you can use as is, or customize as you want. Full of useful tips and tricks.


Clusters not Clutter

Pins are clustered together for a cleaner interface with less visual clutter. As the user zooms in, the clusters expand to individual pin locations.

web admin interface screenshot

Keep Data Fresh

Includes a web-based admin interface (written in CakePHP) that is easy to install on most webhosts and allows you to painlessly add, update and delete locations. Locations app automatically checks for updates, so your users always have the freshest information.

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Feature Summary

  • includes sample python scripts for importing data to sqlite
  • easy to Localize (uses Appleā€™s NSLocalizableString() convention)
  • user preference to select imperial or metric units
  • app stores data using Core Data
  • handles up to 1000 locations
  • background thread to import changes
  • locations can be searched by name
  • app works when offline
  • locations data includes image
  • location url, email, phone are all tappable


  • iOS 4.2 (or higher)
  • PHP 5.3.4 (or higher) admin tool


Drop me a line at: info@xinsight.ca