Deutsch Meister: Build up your German!Many practical lessons, with practical vocabularyExercises have two modes: Practice to learn, Quiz to testNouns: Learn genderVerbs: Learn present, past, perfect tenses

Deutsch Meister

Build up your German!

It's easy to learn a few words and phrases in German, but to begin to master the language, you need to know more than simply the basic meaning of words. Knowing the gender and plural forms of nouns is crucial, as is knowing how to conjugate common verbs – particularly the irregular ones. Deutsch Meister is designed to help you build this richer, more complete German vocabulary.


Useful Vocabulary

Carefully selected and organized word lists that are packed full of practical words.


You're the Boss

Jump to any lesson or exercise and take a break whenever you wish. You can easily see your progress and where you need more practice.

Touch To Translate

Touch to Translate

To immerse you in the language, we've made as much of the app as possible in German as possible. But, don't panic! Any text surrounded with dots can be touched to reveal an English translation.

Feature Summary

  • 200+ adjectives, 200 verbs, 400+ nouns
  • nouns: learn meaning, plural forms, gender
  • verbs: learn present, past, perfect tenses
  • prepositions: learn the cases (accusative, dative)
  • curated vocabulary lists... and more to come!